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AUCKLAND Interim Managers & Experts

As a premium provider of management and project resources we provide carefully selected, personally vetted Interim Managers and high level experts, proven in multiple projects.

AUCKLAND interim managers are characterized by:

  • Quality: Leadership in management and / or expertise
  • Acumen: timely and efficient achievement of objectives within budgets
  • Focus on results: solution-driven and experienced in implementing projects
  • Immediate operational effectiveness: successfully completed similar assignments
  • Rapid integration into teams and company culture
  • Hands-on and action-oriented mentality

Assignments of the AUCKLAND managers and experts typically are completed within 4-12 months. We also offer an effective Quick Check of your challenge to help determine the best next steps, including fine-tuning of a possible assignment.

AUCKLAND Project Teams

AUCKLAND PARTNERS offers complete Project Execution Teams.

Besides our own AUCKLAND Interim Managers network we provide senior and junior experts / specialists, project managers, consultants and young professionals for Project Execution Teams. From junior programmers for an IT project team to experienced compliance auditors for a cost analysis project. Our service and approach is unique in the market.

AUCKLAND Transformation of Portfolio Companies

In the Private Equity industry we typically work for mid-sized PE companies (€ 200m - € 1b), supporting the performance-critical transformation phase after a transaction, eg post-merger integration programs, support for operational improvement projects, growth projects, consolidation / restructuring, carve-outs.

In this case, AUCKLAND PARTNERS provide experienced consultants, interim managers, experts, teams and supervisory or advisory boards.


  • Filling Staffing Shortages
    • Bridging Vacancies
    • Temporary, flexible Know How Support
  • Project and Programme Management
    • Experienced Interim Managers that manage complex and sophisticated projects both in leading and/ or project member positions
    • Implementation of complex IT projects
    • Multi Project Management
  • Transformations
    • Reorganization and Crisis Management
    • Restructuring
    • Carve Out
    • Management, Ownership or Board Member changes
    • Development of new growth areas and business units
    • Transfer of production sites
    • Post Merger Integration
    • Process Transformation, BPR
    • Digitization Agendas
    • IT Transformation (Architecture, Applications, Infrastructure, Outsourcing, Data Center, Development)
    • Shared Services Center (Transformation, Outsourcing, Outtasking)
    • Factory 4.0
  • International Management
    • Establishment of subsidiaries and markets
    • Regional Crisis Management
  • Supervisory and Advisory Board


  • Automotive
  • Construction & related business
  • Chemical, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare
  • Energy (Renewables, Energy Supply Companies, Power Network Operators, Smart Grid and Metering, Commerce, Suppliers)
  • Financial Services, Private Equity & Family Offices
  • ICT (Telecommunications, IT, Cloud Business)
  • Retail (incl. Etail) & Consumer Products (Food & Non-Food)
  • Services (incl. Consulting Industry)
  • Technology (Mechanical and Plant Engineering, Electrical Engineering, High-Tech)


AUCKLAND PARTNERS provides the following functions by an Interim Manager and as a Project Execution Team (e.g. consisting of experienced line management Senior Manager, PM, Specialist, Young Professional).

  • General Managers / C-Level
  • Line Managers
  • Senior Managers
  • Experts / Specialists
  • Project Managers
  • Consultants
  • Young Professionals
  • Finance
    • Liabilities and Working Capital Optimization
    • Accounting
    • Cash Management / Liquidity Planning
    • Communication with banks and capital markets
    • Carve Out
    • Due Diligence
    • ERP Optimization
    • Enhancement of Controlling
  • Supply Chain / Procurement / Logistics
    • E-Procurement
    • Global Sourcing
    • Make or Buy
    • Supplier Selection and Qualifying
    • Introduction and Implementation of KPIs
    • Optimizing Supplier Management
    • Optimization of Planning Systems and Processes (eg S & OP Planning), JIT
    • Optimize Material Flow and Warehouse Concepts
    • Optimizing Delivery
    • Optimization of Stocks
    • Green Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Production
    • Factory 4.0
    • Restructuring of Production Processes (e.g. set-up times)
    • Relocation of Production
    • Increase in Productivity
    • Lean / Six Sigma / Muda / Kanban / Kaizen / KVP
    • Management of New Product Launches
    • Build up of new Production Facilities (particularly emerging markets e.g. BRIC, Eastern Europe)
  • Product Management & Quality
    • Portfolio Optimization
    • Product Launch Process
    • Interface Management in Product Development
    • Product Programme Management
    • Interfacing "traditional" products with new technology / media (e.g. smart home, mobile applications, e-commerce)
    • Design and Implementation of Structures and Processes
    • Ensuring legal and industry standards
    • CAPA (Corrective And Preventive Action)
    • Quality Improvement
  • R&D
    • Optimizing Development Processes
    • Programme Management
    • Agile Development
    • Make or Buy
  • Sales & Marketing
    • Sales Push Programs
    • Sales Excellence Programs
    • Sales Controlling
    • Sales Development
    • New Customer Acquisition
    • Key Account Management professionalization
    • Enhancement of Sales Team Management
    • Sales Back Office modernization
  • HR
    • People Transformation
    • Change Management
    • Leadership Crisis
    • Staff Reduction
    • Compliance
    • Organizational Restructuring
    • Sophisticated Recruiting
    • Legal Relations
  • IT
    • Digitization Agendas (Sales Processes, e-Commerce, Supply Chain / Fulfillment)
    • IT Architecture
    • IT Applications
    • IT Infrastructure
    • IT Outsourcing
    • Data Centers
    • Development